Why sidney crosby is better than

This is why Thornton and Burns beard talk, save that for the regular season. Crosby can do more to help his team As a center, Crosby has more responsibilities and he handles those well. Also, the New York Islanders gave plenty of troubles to the Penguins once they became a dangerous squad in He plays just 63 times from to You can't will the puck into the net in only high-leverage situations; obviously some goals are worth more than others in terms of win expectancy — i.

Yeah, the Penguins want to get Babcock to coach for them. Mind you, those guys were in their mid-to-late 30s and if Sidney Crosby sustained one then, it could be a different story. Add to this Ovechkin's physical play, And he really separates himself from Sid.

The implication here is that the Stars might spend a decent amount of money this offseason. The argument then is that Toews is more of a leader than Crosby, since he was the captain of those two teams, but it obviously ignores the fact that Crosby's team has been slowly and steadily getting worse in that time.

Their resumes impress for different reasons.

Crosby is better than McDavid

And what about Super Mario? By Mike Brehm November 20, The league-wide GAA rose above 3. Scarily enough, Karlsson might just be warming up. This is a testament to just how hard it is to shut him down. Montreal got to where they got to on his back.


Lots of teams probably also want Crosby and Malkin to play for them. Informally polling former players, executives and coaches produced a massive Crosby victory. So which is it?

For all the knocks on his defensive play, Ovechkin had a pronounced edge on Crosby from to in Corsi Close percentage relative to teammates. Perhaps Toews' aforementioned significant edge is offensive zone starts over the last five years is the difference.Put Ovechkin on the Penguins the last two years and put Crosby on the Capitals teams that have taken the ice the last two seasons, and then come back and tell me you think “Sid the Kid” is better than “AO.” Simply put, Crosby has been surrounded with a better supporting cast every step of the way.

Aug 20,  · A better scorer than his peers, his recent work showcases that he is a better goal scorer than his proclaimed rival in Washington. He's an all-around hardworking player, skilled at various.

Sidney Crosby will never be better than Wayne Gretzky because they each played in a different time, against different players using different equipment.

Sidney Crosby Better Than Ovechkin in NHL’s Great Debate

They are not comparable. You cannot rank them. He didn’t suffer the same fate Crosby did in terms of injuries, which might help explain why he has more Hart and Ted Lindsay Trophies. He is the better scorer between the two.

Crosby can do more to help his team As a center, Crosby has more responsibilities and he handles those well. He’s a 55% faceoff man, a good leader, an exceptional playmaker and. In Closing: Sidney Crosby has a better playoff beard than either Thornton or Burns. I am, however, willing to accept pre-grown beards under one condition.

I want a team to commit to the Stanley Cup dream so hard that when they win the Cup, they don’t shave until they lose it.

Why sidney crosby is better than
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