The most dangerous game by richard

It sent a shudder of cold horror through his whole being. Rainsford; I hope you have a good night's rest. The cat was coming again to play with the mouse.

The Most Dangerous Game

They had come from the right, and doggedly he swam in that direction, swimming with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his strength. Once he thought he heard stealthy steps in the corridor outside his room. They must have reached the knife.

The swish of the underbrush against his hunting boots grew fainter and fainter. He sought to throw open the door; it would not open. But sometimes I think sailors have an extra sense that tells them when they are in danger.

His pursuers had stopped.

The Most Dangerous Game

Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home. We are well off the beaten track, you know. He need not play that game if he doesn't wish to. You can imagine my feelings, Mr. For a moment he stood there, thinking. He looks resourceful--Well, good night, Mr. But perhaps the general was a devil-- An apprehensive night crawled slowly by like a wounded snake and sleep did not visit Rainsford, although the silence of a dead world was on the jungle.

The cocktail was surpassingly good; and, Rainsford noted, the table apointments were of the finest--the linen, the crystal, the silver, the china. My whole life has been one prolonged hunt. At ten he went up to his bedroom.

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The knife, driven by the recoil of the springing tree, had not wholly failed. I shall be back.Author Richard Connell does create a clever play on words in the double-meaning title of "The Most Dangerous Game." In one sense, the hunting of human beings is. In Richard Connell's short story entitled "The Most Dangerous Game," Sanger Rainsford and his friend Whitney are big-game hunters.

Rainsford plays a significant role in Connell's narrative about a. The Most Dangerous Game [Connell, Richard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Most Dangerous Game features as its main character a big-game hunter from New York, who becomes shipwrecked on an isolated island in the CaribbeanReviews: 8.

"Don't talk rot, Whitney," said Rainsford. "You're a big-game hunter, not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels?" "Perhaps the jaguar does," observed Whitney.

"Bah! They've no understanding." "Even so, I rather think they understand one thing--fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death." "Nonsense," laughed Rainsford. Full text of "The Most Dangerous Game" See other formats The Most Dangerous Game.

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by Richard Connell () "OFF THERE to the right--somewhere-. "Fractured my skull. But I got the brute." "I've always thought," said Rains{ord, "that the Cape buffalo is the most dangerous of all big game." For a moment the general did not reply; he was smiling his curious red-lipped smile.

Then he said slowly, "No. You are wrong, sir. The Cape buffalo is not the most dangerous big game." He sipped his wine.

The most dangerous game by richard
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