The events of the sharpeville massacre of march 21 1960

In the following year the Assembly took an additional step in its campaign against apartheid, when it affirmed "its recognition of the legitimacy of the struggle of the people of South Africa for human rights and fundamental freedoms irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Many people inside South Africa, though shocked for a time by the events at Sharpeville, ended by dismissing them as just one incident in the long and growing succession of disturbances that down the years have marked the implementation of apartheid.

Near my home in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg was a large zoo situated in acres of parkland. Some of them had been on duty for over twenty-four hours without respite.

Yet only three policemen were reported to have been hit by stones - and more than Africans were shot down. This took place at a massive gathering at Kliptown, Johannesburg. Many families were broken up under these laws, in which some mixed raced families were reclassified, greatly disrupting —if not ending- many family relationships.

Sharpeville, a black suburb outside of Vereeniging about fifty miles south of Johannesburgwas through the s a community untouched by anti-apartheid demonstrations that occurred in surrounding towns. When it stopped for the second time, a man stood over the woman next to me and touched her.

Only when they saw the blood and dead people, did they see that the police meant business. Then the shooting started. The arrest of leaders of the Congress Alliance and the protracted Treason Trial was a further instance of the attempts by the state to outlaw the legitimate political demands of the disenfranchised majority.

This Act made provision for a variety of passes including registered service contracts and for passes permitting men to seek work in particular areas. The children of Soweto are well-trained. The much publicised case of the car bomb explosion at the Magoos and Why Not bars in Durban on June 14 provides another case in which civilian casualties occurred in the context of the intensification of the armed struggle.

The probability is that the lot of Africans in Sharpeville was worse than in Johannesburg. However, these arguments fail to engage with the symbolic importance and nature of Sharpeville and the events that followed. One of the tactics used was that of counter-mobilisation.

This is not a single event but a protracted process. Black Power in South Africa: The forms of struggle embarked upon by the ANC were in response to the policies, laws and activities of the apartheid regime and at the same had an impact on them.Sharpeville massacre, (March 21, ), incident in the black township of Sharpeville, near Vereeniging, South Africa, in which police fired on a crowd of blacks, killing or wounding some of them.

Eyewitness accounts of the Sharpeville massacre 1960

The day of the Massacre, mourning the dead and getting over the shock of the event © Baileys African History Archive (BAHA) Tom Petrus. The Sharpeville Massacre, which occurred on March 21,in the township of Sharpeville, South Africa, was the incident that to that point resulted in the deaths of the largest number of South Africans in a protest against apartheid.

When the news of the Sharpeville Massacre reached Cape Town a group of between to protestors gathered at the Langa Flats bus terminus around 17h00 on 21 March This was in direct defiance of the government's country-wide ban on public meetings and gatherings of. Massacre in Sharpeville. Author.

The Sharpeville Massacre - A watershed in South Africa by Reverend Ambrose Reeves Editors. Website Name. world champion, is born on this day inin Sao Paulo, Brazil. On March 21,near the Somme River in France. sharpeville: bloody the battle the events of sharpeville (21 march ), and the three weeks immediately following it, have often been described as a decisive turning-point in modern south african history.

The events of the sharpeville massacre of march 21 1960
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