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Government officials question his ability to raise his daughter, and I Am Sam becomes the tale of Sam's legal battle to retain custody of Lucy, aided by high profile lawyer Rita Harrison Michelle Pfeiffer. If only the filmmakers had trusted the material and the audience a little more, then I Am Sam wouldn't feel so manipulative and dishonest.

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A girl climbs out of her window at night onto a roof and down the side of the house several times. Sam personifies the ideal nurturing father who is there as a constant force to listen and remain patient, while Rita justifies her career success to cover up the collapsing bond between her son and unfaithful husband.

Moreover, the unfairnesses in I Am Sam are in some ways similar to those portrayed in Kramer vs.

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Add your rating See all 10 kid reviews. Imagine an ad-lib comedy programme in which a participant is called on to perform Kramer vs Kramer in the style of Rain Man for over two hours you'll have some idea of I Am Sam.

I Am Sam Review

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We see a baby's bare bottom when she is having her diaper changed. A boy teases a girl about her father being retarded. Of course, there are also many scenes that will require tissues for tears. Penn plays Sam, a Beatles-obsessed Starbucks cleaner with the mental age of seven.

As they work together to secure Sam's rights, Sam helps Rita with her personal problems as well.

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Sam's friends were thus ineligible. After an incident at Lucy's birthday where Sam acts irrational some people felt that Sam and Lucy should be separated.

Sam has the innocent knowledge of a child unhindered by lies, deceit and success, which reminds the audience of the true child-like spirit of being young at heart.

But by making anyone who thinks that maybe a child needs more than a mentally challenged parent can provide look like a monster, they turn the characters into cardboard. Sometimes there are odd incongruencies between sound and image, or between temporal sequences.

Was this review helpful? A woman yells at a man, a woman yells at a man through a door, a woman yells into her cell phone, a man and woman argue. But Penn gives a first-rate performance, and Pfeiffer holds her own. And, sure enough, she learns from Sam to take time to smell the roses and play with her own son.

I Am Sam will likely make you say, "Wow! One should add that the product placement is outrageous, with Sam employed first at Starbucks, then at Pizza Hut, where his bosses are models of political correctness. This is also similar to what happened in Kramer vs.

The final scene depicts a soccer game, in which Sam referees and in which Lucy participates as a player. Sean Penn is completely natural and believable as a developmentally disabled man. However, the evidence was quickly called into question, as there was doubt as to who actually raised the doctor.

Through the help of a self-indulged lawyer, Rita Harrison Pfiefferwho takes Sam's case pro-bono to revive her money-hungry image, the almost irreversible fate of a father and daughter's bond is tested to their last might. I Am Sam In this movie, Sam Dawson, is a developmentally disabled adult who has been raising his daughter Lucy for seven years.

He receives help in raising Lucy from a group of friends that also have developmental disabilities. May 18,  · I Am agronumericus.comed by Jessie Nelson.

On general release in the UK. agronumericus.com: ★ No one sets out to make a bad film—it just happens, and I Am Sam is a real mess. Sam (Sean Penn) has moderate learning disabilities and cannot brew coffee or.

I Am Sam is a great movie that deals with marginalized people in our society and how they're treated. It's a very realistic portrayal. I watched it with my 13 year old daughter and it alternately made us cry, got us angry and caused us to laugh uncontrollably.

“I AM SAM” is quite a stirring film that undoubtedly challenges our emotions, intellect, and sense of justice.

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I will say that I was overtly offended with the consistent use of the Lord’s name in vain by the notorious attorney. Critical Review Sam I Am Essay Words | 6 Pages.

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Critical Review: I Am Sam The movie, I am Sam, is the portrayal of a mentally retarded single parent struggling to maintain custody of his normal intelligence daughter. ’I Am Chris Farley’ director Derik Murray’s latest, ’I Am Sam Kinison,’ idolizes the famously offensive comedian at the worst time.

I am sam review
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