How the length of wire affects its resistance essay

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An Investigation Into the Resistance of a Wire - GCSE Physics Coursework

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The higher the temperature of a conductor, the higher its resistance? due to the high values of potential difference and current. If a thin wire in a lamp tends to resist the movement of electrons in it, then we say that the wire has a certain resistance to the current.

In General: The advantages of steel can be summarized as follows Steel is more rugged than aluminum, being tougher and much more abrasion resistant.; The various HSLA steels are even more so.

Welds in steel are % the strength of the surrounding plates, whether mild steel or Corten. How the Length of a Wire Affects Its Resistance In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance. Resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire.

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How the length of wire affects its resistance essay
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