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Its anterior surface is rounded and convex and forms the larger part of the front of the heart. There Heart research paper two main openings in the left atrium; the openings of the four pulmonary veins and the atrial-ventricular opening. The heart will continue to grow in size up to an advanced period of life.

There are two main openings in the left ventricle; the atrial-ventricular opening and the aortic opening. The rest of the right atrium is free and unattached. Its walls are also somewhat thinner than the left.

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The right ventricle is triangular-shaped and extends from the right atrium to near the apex. It is divided into four cavities; two atria and two ventricles. Some myofibroblasts are present in the endocardium which is thicker in the atria than in the ventricles.

Your research paper will be written from scratch. The study showed a reduced risk of heart attack in people who ate more saturated fat. Internally, it is separated from the right atrium by the septum auricularum.

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The muscle fibers do not contain intercalated discs. The atrial-ventricular opening is located behind and to the left side of the aortic opening. The opening is a little smaller than the same opening between the right atrium and ventricle.

Heart Disease Research Paper

The average weight in the male varies from ten to twelve ounces. The posterior surface of the heart is flattened and rests upon the diaphragm muscle. The inner layer, which is deep bulbospiral, swirls around the ventricle in a counterclockwise fashion. These coronary branches penetrate the myocardium.

Each of the cardiac muscle cells contain one central elongated nucleus with some central euchromatin and some peripheral heterochromatin.

I am proud to be an american because essay colline a des yeux critique essay pulp fiction popular culture essay delhi public school hyderabad admissions essay experiencing culture shock essay. It is on the left side and is in front of the auriculo-ventricular opening. Between each valve and the cylinder of the aorta is a deep depression called the sinuses of Valsalva.

Its margins are more deeply indented, presenting a kind of foliated appearance. Previous River heart research paper Shifting experience of self a bibliographic essay service evaluation dissertation writing which country would you like to visit essays.

This period of isovolumetric ventricular contraction lasts about 0.

Biology/The Human Heart term paper 895

This allows pasteurized and unpasteurized milk have the same protective effect on cardiovascular disease according to the survey. The inner surface of the myocardium is rough and is raised into trabeculations.

The right atrium and ventricle form the venous side of the heart. The pericardial cavity is located between the parietal and visceral pericardium and contains small amounts of serous fluid. The valves of the heart are attached to the cardiac skeleton and consist of chondroid a material resembling cartilage.

Chordae tendonae connect with the valves at the edge of each cusp as well as underneath each cusp at one end and they attach to papillary muscles in the ventricles at the other end.

They are thickest in the broadest part of the ventricle, becoming gradually thinner towards the base and also towards the apex, which is the thinnest part of the left ventricle. Did you know that: During ventricular diastole restwhen the current of blood along the pulmonary artery is checked and partly thrown back by its elastic walls, these valves become immediately expanded and close the entrance of the tube.The free Biology research paper (The Human Heart essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

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One article in particular, "Moderate Drinking and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease" by Arthur L.

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