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The f word

I can see the positives and negatives, within the initial process of this, but all of it is not true. This claim is headed by many stories that she tells from her life, ranging from the humorous to more serious events. Dumas wants us to be able to enjoy learning about the struggles foreigners, such as herself, had to go through.

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Bordertown movie analysis essay Bordertown movie analysis essay. With the information I added, it also allows the body to support the thesis in a better manner. This style, though, has its drawbacks in that she is unable to use any concrete evidence to back her claim and that she is unable to largely appeal to people in a professional manner, thus limiting her power to change the language.

Every age generation always has a racist remark or comment about another culture and it is preposterous! The article also tells the audience how something as simple as a name could be viewed as a form of racism. Dumas claims that the English language could branch out and become more colorful to include more interesting sounds that other cultures use.

Once again America stereotypes those from a foreign culture and automatically assumes that something bad happen in they enter the job field. The equality practices suck in American within every culture.

When having a baby one of the most difficult parts of the process is deciding on a name for the little one. This started the era where she was Julie at work and Firoozeh at home.

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As I revised this essay, I realized that I needed to improve the organization and structure the most. All of her stories come across in a light and conversational tone. Eventually, Firoozeh went back to the name Julie after college when she could not obtain a job.

How Effective is “The F Word”?

The use of simple and taboo words let the reader know that the author is a person just like one of us. She starts the essay providing important background information about her life before and during when she came to America.

She did a good job of adding the pathos, ethos, and logos in her article to draw the audience in to how life was for her in a new country with such a unique name. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Her book is not aimed at professionals in a field, or people of power.

A more professional tone would have made her work more appealing to the professional world; a professional world that takes notice of current problems and addresses them. She understands that more and more people are trying to identify with foreigners, but she also knows at the same time not everyone can change for the better.Understanding “The F-Word” When first reading the title of Firoozeh Dumas’ article, “The F-Word” one initially thinks that essay is going to be about cuss words within the community.

WRONG! In fact instead of the article being about cussing, it deals with the American culture stereo typing different cultures with foreign names. Created Date: 7/14/ PM. Words Don't mean what they mean, Steven Pinker (Language) Subject: People could say one thing but mean another Main Point: Words and phrases are usually adjusted to suggest an intention, moreover, adjusting the language, is an effective form of manipulation comparing to direct demand.

In "The F Word"" by Firoozeh Dumas, published in Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America,the author describes a story of her childhood in America as a child of iranian descent/5(1).

Perceptions of “The F-word” Typically, in most cases when some is substituting the F-word for another word most people typically think of one cuss word. However in this article by Firoozeh Dumas, the F-word is not deal with a cuss word. Firoozeh Dumas relates a predicament that both Americans and foreigners found themselves in often: pronouncing and remembering a foreigner’s name.

The inability to pronounce and remember a name can be upsetting, insulting and offensive between both parties but especially in the victim’s side.

F word by firoozeh dumas essay
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