Dinosaur writing activities for first grade

My Landforms Booklet — Write 3 sentences about each of 5 land forms in this free printable booklet. Explain how dinosaurs are named for certain characteristics. If you teach them- they can do it! When my students came back to the classroom, they were greeted with a dinosaur snack.

These chants and cheers are really nothing new to the teaching world. Learning fun for the whole family Songs enhance reading skills Start Your Free Trial Books that build strong early readers!

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. You can also use these cards as flashcards. We learned about the life cycle of the butterfly, what it eats, and where it lives. Dinosaur Basket - In this basket, place coloring sheets of dinosaurs which can be found in a dinosaur writing activities for first grade cent store.

The students sorted pictures that were insects or not insects. One of the activities my kids loved was our Sight Wordles. Edit the children's work when they have completed their writing. It's time to get buggy!

I created these beauties this past year and my kids went gaga over them! I made these a million years ago by just using clip art in Word or print shopprinted, glued to construction paper, and laminated.

Just this past week I had the opportunity to travel to Wichita, KS and work with some of the sweetest, kindest Kindergarten teachers. Landform Crash Course Songs and simple illustrations from a fellow teacher to help teach land formations. My kids LOVE this game!!!!! I cut shapes from our Ellison machine and the students had to glue them to the correct side of the chart.

Learning Centers Dinosaur Concentration - Create dinosaur cards by cutting out dinosaur clipart and gluing them to index cards.

I absolutely love getting to meet so many amazing teachers all over the U. Completely changed the way I incorporate vocabulary instruction in my classroom. From that text, I pulled out 3 words I wanted my kids to learn. I printed each page on a different color and gave one to our administrative assistant and one to our principal.

Have them piece together a dinosaur and glue to construction paper. This will make a great momento for you and will help you plan a better unit for the following year. Understanding Dinosaur Measurements - Pick several dinosaurs of varying sizes. So I was a co-teacher in 4th and 5th grade about 10 years ago and then after that I was a third grade teacher for the 8 years that followed.

Interactive Notebooks How many of you use interactive notebooks with your students? Throughout the week, we reviewed informational text features, reading words with long and short vowels in them, practiced reading and spelling sight words, and practiced recognizing, reading, and making the numbers I created mine in Power Point, however you could easily create yours using paper, a ruler, and small index cards!!!

The students need to "excavate" the chocolate chip cookies using the toothpicks. Then create questions based on the graph for students to answer. Some love to share and others can gain ideas. Have students create their own dinosaur by combining the prefixes and the suffixes.

Number 6 Wheel Make a wheel about the number six using this 2-page print-out; it consists of a base page together with a wheel that spins around. When you spin the wheel, the shapes rectangle, circle, trapezoid, rhombus, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, star, crescent, square, oval, and triangle are shown, one at a time.

There are too many papers and they can't seem to keep their papers in the correct […] Another Post Got Me Thinking - Specials Why do we call music, art, and gym specials?

When you spin the wheel, the squares of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are formed, one at a time 0, 1, 4, 9, 15, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81,and The students painted the paper and then we let it dry until the next day.

During my Quite 10 I always play some soft music and set my timer. Have students guess how many dinosaurs are in the jar. They could create any kind of silly bug.Welcome to Kids Dinos Learn about dinosaurs with agronumericus.com Find out which dinosaur was the largest, which was the smallest, which had the most horns, the longest neck, or which ate the most food.

These worksheets are geared towards students on the 1st grade level. We offer a variety of activities to keep your students interested and engaged in their learning.

Dinosaur Worksheets For Preschool For Education

Children will be coloring nouns they identify from a list, selecting nouns from a word bank and applying them into a short sentence, and writing a sentence with their own nouns! Dinosaur Themed Math Pages Always remember that grade levels are not absolutes -- especially since we're all living in different countries and therefore have different curriculums.

Some kindergarten children will find the Grade One worksheets useful as will some Grade Two students.

First Grade Dinosaurs Worksheets and Printables

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Some of the worksheets displayed are Grade 1 reading comprehension work story and exercises, Decodable short vowel and long vowel stories, Practice book o, Grade 1 reading comprehension work story and exercises, Fables and stories, 1 english short stories for beginners, The a to z collection of animal stories, I see 1 bear.

Dinosaur writing activities for first grade
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