Career interest profile

The goal is for you to learn more about your personal work-related interests. The number of items in each Career interest profile the first three sections is as follows: Anyone searching for career direction, young or old, will find this tool helpful.

At thirteen, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a chiropractor because my mother told me they earned a lot of money These themes relate to the central thesis of the study narratability and were used to elaborate on the cen- tral thesis.

Simply think about whether you would "like" or "dislike" performing the work activity. Word artistry WA verbal activities such as reading, talking and acting. The CIP facilitates realization of creativ- ity and enjoyment by facilitating in-depth self-reflection by partici- pants on themselves in an uncomplicated manner.

Blue People with blue styles prefer to perform their job responsibilities in a manner that is supportive and helpful to others with a minimum of confrontation.

These Interests often lead to work in marketing, advertising, training, therapy, consulting, teaching, law, and public relations. It does this by asking you to answer questions that represent important interest areas.

People with green Interests enjoy activities that include: As you make your choices on The Interest Profiler try not to think about whether you have enough education or training to perform the activity or how much money you would make performing the activity.

You should use your Interest Profiler results to explore the world of work and identify occupations that can satisfy your particular interests. By answering the questions, you can identify your interests.

O*Net Interest Profiler

They prefer to work where they have time to think things through before acting. Musical MU performing, teaching and producing, as well as in music-related products. Unhappiness at work not only affects you, it also affects your family and friends.

CAREERwise Interest Assessment

The assurance was given that no individual would be identified. Detailed information for each occupation includes ONET links, educational level, Occupational Outlook Handbook links and detailed job descriptions.

An ESSA Promising Practice Self-Discovery Students build confidence by trying new things, pursuing what they love, and learning from their missteps in a safe environment.

The CIP was designed to help clients Career interest profile their career sto- ries, thus enabling them to listen to, authorise and fine-tune these stories, and, ultimately, become actively involved in the process of self- and career construction. The overall internal consistency of the six areas, too, was good with alpha coefficients greater than.

You will not be able to move to the next page until you have answered all the questions. Your job is to read each question carefully and decide whether or not you would like to do the work activity.

Marketing MA marketing as a high-level discipline.Aug 31,  · The Career Center offers a LinkedIn Photo Booths at the Fall Career & Internship Fair. Students can also contact Media Technology Services to have their picture taken. Headline: Your headline is your unique tagline to capture readers’ attention and entice them to read your full profile.

Career Interest Profile Strengths: Gratitude Kindness Perseverance Independent Organized Careers: Scientific: Science careers commonly include skills such as good communication, analyzing, and organization. These skills are used to be able to work with patients, medical equipment, and resources.

Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals.

Looking for an #engineering placement? @Buhler_Group a leading global supplier of optical sorting solutions are rec Posted about 19 hours. Learn about yourself, the employment options available to you and the training that will prepare you for them.

ACT Profile for Students

Create an account using any computer, smartphone, or tablet and start taking advantage of free college and career planning assessments. Interest Inventories. ACT Profile is the solution to help you discover college possibilities, envision occupations, and put it all together in one place.

Career interest profile
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