A review of the musical movie for me and my gal

And when he says jump, Mina should have no problem immediately doing his bidding. After a big success on Broadway in Pal Joey, Judy Garland pushed for him to be signed to an MGM contract and he was given to her as one of her leading men in this film.

Gigi, eventually along with 's The Last Emperorheld the record as the film s with the most Academy Award wins in every category in which it was nominated, until 's The Lord of the Rings: She and Lucien make an indomitable force against Mina and her big city notions, and no matter what, her spirit cannot be crushed.

Regardless of your feelings for the character he depicts, one thing is indubitable—Marcus is an extraordinary actor who never ceases to connect with his characters as well as the audience no matter what role he plays. Adler also suggested Gene Kelly for the lead.

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It is set during the First World War, but clearly the scriptwriters were thinking of the Second, and there are scenes urging characters to buy war bonds, echoed in the final frame with an appeal to moviegoers.

This prompted Louis B. Lerner felt it was 20 minutes too long and most of the action too slow. Not every actor can give that kind of masterful performance, but Marcus seems to revel in being the man that everyone loves to hate.

For Me and My Gal (Busby Berkeley, 1942)

Robyn and Ryleigh are massively talented singers and songwriters, and in my humble opinion, it will only be a matter of time before they become a household name in mainstream country.

Paisley is dating Clay, but probably not for long. The world may never know. Andrew Walker, Taylor Cole Credit: He is the voice of the town, in many ways, and even though he may fade into the background on occasion, that is how his character is supposed to be.

She makes it clear that she knows what she wants in life, but she also seems to be a bit of a tease when it comes to another former flame. The Return of the King broke the record at the Oscars ceremony with 11 Oscar nominations and 11 Oscar wins.

Kelly and Garland went on to star together in two other films, The Pirate and Summer Stock No matter how she is depicted, you cannot conceal the radiant beauty and delightful wit Morgan brings to this character.

The camerawork becomes much darker and we are suddenly almost in noir territory, with the music building to breaking point.

As Penny, she is a perfect foil for Mina.

My Devotional Thoughts

Was this review helpful? Paisley is dating Clay, but probably not for long.First of all, this is an incredibly special film to me because I was able to interview both of the male leads–Andrew Walker and Marcus agronumericus.come of this, there is a chance that I will not be as objective a reviewer when evaluating their extraordinary performances.

There is not a lot wrong with this movie. The entire thing seems authentic - meaning you feel like you're in Australia in You are living on a farm, running in a race and ultimately in a war.

For Me and My Gal

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The trusted formula is recognized by the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program as safer for people, pets, and the environment. For Me and My Gal was released on VHS in the US on August by MGM/UA Home Video (#M) and on DVD on April 6, by Warner Home Video.

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Awards and honors. The film received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Score for Roger Edens (musical adaptation) and Georgie Stoll (musical direction).Music by: Roger Edens, (adaptation).

A review of the musical movie for me and my gal
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